''Hatvent Calendar'' Raffle

Snowy streets! Dead fir trees! Backstabs and crockets! Ahhhh yes, it smells just like another beautiful Smissmas. But wait, what is this rancid, putrid, hippie-like smell that poisons Old Nick's nostrils? Ah, I see: it's the distinct smell of a human lacking any sort of ammunition, explosive or weapon! But worry not, dear compatriots, for the plague of gunpowderlessness will not ruin this sacred time of the year once more! Behold… the Hatvent Calendar!

For 25 days, once a day, a series of completely out-of-the-blue raffles will conquer the badlands to ensure every good little mercenary gets what they deserve: the ability to kill other mercenaries. And, even more importantly, doing it in style!

Ready up your unwrapping fingers to open your yearly treat! Or your brainless cranium to be blown away by the devilishly stylish winners if you don't manage to win anything at all… Regardless, best of luck, for there will be gifts to spare, blood to drip and guts to shoot in this amazing display of selflessness (and perhaps negligence) from the mod team, with a secret and equally amazing extra gift on the 25th day!

Good luck and godspeed, mercs!

Raffle Links

Day 1 - Password: MeeM

Day 2 - Password: Tran:Legacy

Day 3 - Password: The Admin didn't Return

Day 4 - Password: Flying Seal of Approval

Day 5 - Password: Artisticstache

Day 6 - Password: Too Bloody Slow

Day 7 - Password: Sexelent Snake

Day 8 - Password: A fruit similar to lemon

Day 9 - Password: Tedee Ber

Day 10 - Password: A taste of strawberry

Day 11 - Password: Your ravishing robotic rogue

Day 12 - Password: Fistful of B4ns

Day 13 - Password: Curry Bomb

Day 14 - Password: Hey, Vsauce! Micorn here

Day 15 - Password: Now I Seem Lost Too

Day 16 - Password: Ow, the edge!

Day 17 - Password: He's everywhere!

Day 18 - Password: CSSeizures

Day 19 - Password: Scooters and Dooters

Day 20 - Password: Your Fellow gamer

Day 21 - Password: JereSAIah the furry

Day 22 - Password: Almond Malk

Day 23 - Password: Darn

Day 24 - Password: What did they expect?

and now the day you've all been waiting for…

Final Raffle

For Christmas Day, we're giving away an Unusual Blizzardy Storm Elf Esteem! (pictured above)

Enter the raffle here. The password is "Such shame several selfless streaks sedimented solely supra-sentimentality settle so soon."

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the TF2G+ mods!


Community moderator Rokaq decided to be extra generous and is hosting a bonus giveaway of his own, starting on 12/26, with his own items.

The link is here: https://scrap.tf/raffles/IBXLNF. No password needed!

Here's what he had to say:

HUZZAH! You thought I was gone? No, no and three times no. That's five times no! Six times with that last one! You know I'm onto something because I'm counting monosyllables! What do we all have to do after the joy of Christmas Day is over? That's right: do some cleaning on the mess we made the past night! So in that same fashion, I decided to do one last raffle because apparently the spirit of giving and gibbing got into me harder than ever… Hooray!