20,000 members Giveaway

The form is no longer open for entries into the giveaway. See the winners here.
There are 95 people entered in the giveaway.

Probability of winning any prize: 10/95 = ~10.53%

Probability of winning plat. prize: 1/95 = ~1.05%
Probability of winning gold prize: 2/95 = ~2.11%
Probability of winning silver prize: 3/95 = ~3.16%
Probability of winning bronze prize: 4/95 = ~4.21%

Platinum tier - 3 keys
Gold tier - 1 key
Silver tier - 8 ref
Bronze tier - 4 ref

Donate metal or keys to the giveaway by adding or sending a trade offer to this account. Winners will also be added by this bot, so do not block it!

Cloaker Smoker
Michael Stockdale
Kim Cool
Sgt. Medic

I hope you all enjoy this giveaway! There may be another one once we reach 25,000 members.
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Giveaway hosted by James Shiffer.