Happy 10K
The TF2 community on Google+ has always been a fun place for us to socialize, post content, make friends, and argue with the other 100-so active members of the community. Today we celebrate the impressive milestone of 10,000 members! It's amazing how quickly this community grows, with over a hundred people joining each day. For any fellow statistics nerds, here is a chart showing the recent growth of our community. Now let's get to the good part. CONGA!!

Our group on Steam
The community's server's website
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And here's some extra stuff

Introducing TF2SS, a free Google Chrome extension developed by James S.
  • Check up on the status of a gameserver
    • View players connected
    • Lists server's general information, including name and machine OS
    • Returns all cvars
    • Log in with rcon password to view timeleft and nextmap
James Shiffer