Smissmas 2018 - Day 7

Welcome to the seventh day of Smissmas 2018!

Today's Contest: Art Contest

Here it is - the final day of 2018, which marks the end of our last Smissmas together as a G+ community. Today's event is an art contest, as chosen by the Soldier, who has something to say about it…

Let me get one thing straight: we are mercenaries! We are men! Normally, I would look upon any unmanly, un-American displays of "artistic talent" with scorn. Even worse, simply staring at art in a museum is a girly pastime and isn't fit for a tough Mann like myself. If I had my say, we would've burned down all those "museums" by now to make space for more Gravel Pits and Badwater Basins! But the clock is ticking, and pretty soon our own TF2 Community, along with the rest of Google+, will become the stuff of museums and history books and whatnot. Now, if our community ends up leaving an impression, I want it to be a GOOD one! I want our children's children to be able to look back on our community's exhibit in the Teufort Museum and see something besides stale memes, strict moderation, and civil war. We should at least PRETEND to be men of culture! That means we will MANUFACTURE art, and lots of it! Get to work, maggots!

Submission Rules:

The requirements for entries are somewhat broad; there is no theme, it just has to be artistic, TF2-related, and in the form of a picture. Your artwork can take on any of a variety of forms: a drawing, which can be done by hand or digitally; a poster, which can be made in SFM or GMod; etc. Winners will have their masterpieces posted on this page for future generations to gaze upon in awe. Now go out there and give it your all!


First Place: 7× Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

Second Place: 6× Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

Third Place: 5× Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

How to Post:

Reddit: Post a submission that has “smissmasday7” in the title.

Google+: Make sure to post in the Self-Made category. Include the hashtag #smissmasday7 in your post for your entry to be counted.

(Only one submission per person. Submissions must be original. A submission that breaks the community rules won't be counted.)

Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Today's Server Event:

Randomizer mod on the community server!

Join the server by clicking on the following link, or by typing in the IP: