Smissmas 2018 - Day 5

Welcome to the fifth day of Smissmas 2018!

Today's Contest: Best Loadout

TF2 is known as the world's greatest war-themed hat simulator. In fact, there's nothing more valuable to a TF2 player than their virtual hats. (Not even skill!) So, today, we give you the chance to show off your best loadout! (Note that loadouts can incorporate weapons and taunts as well.)

Although we know you may love to spend all your disposable income on TF2 hats, we will judge loadouts based on their creativity, not their cost, to level the playing field.

Submission Rules:

The loadout you submit must be yours, made up of your items (meaning no loadouts). In addition, your submission should be in the form of a screenshot taken in-game.


First Place: 5× Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

Second Place: 4× Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

How to Enter:

Reddit: Post a submission that has “smissmasday5” in the title.

Google+: Make sure to post in the Self-Made category. Include the hashtag #smissmasday5 in your post for your entry to be counted.

(Only one submission per person. Submissions must be original. A submission that breaks the community rules won't be counted.)

Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Today's Server Event:

The Stop That Tank! plugin will be activated on the server for today.

Join the server by clicking on the following link, or by typing in the IP: