Smissmas 2018 - Day 4

Welcome to the fourth day of Smissmas 2018!

Today's Contest: Best Weapon Idea

Give us your best idea for a weapon to be added to TF2! Give us all the necessary information, such as the name of the weapon, the class, the slot, etc. and make sure it is practical and balanced. Bonus points if you can describe or draw what it looks like.


First Place: 4× Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

Second Place: 3× Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

May the best entries win!

How to Enter:

Reddit: Post a submission that has “smissmasday4” in the title.

Google+: Make sure to post in the Self-Made category. Include the hashtag #smissmasday4 in your post for your entry to be counted.

(Only one submission per person. Submissions must be original. A submission that breaks the community rules won't be counted.)

Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Today's Server Event:

The TF2x10 mod has been enabled on the community server!

To add to the chaos, I'm also giving our community moderators full-level admin permissions on the server, a decision that I will probably deeply regret later! They have an array of server plugins at their disposal, including—but not limited to—Resize Players, Model Manager and TF2Items: Give Weapon. (Disclaimer: the admins have been instructed to wield their new powers irresponsibly.)

Join the server by clicking on the following link, or by typing in the IP: