Smissmas 2018 - Day 3

Welcome to the third day of Smissmas 2018!

Today's Contest: Best Meme


Make your best TF2-related meme! You can base your submission off of the TF2 community, as long as it also directly relates to the game itself.


First Place: 3× Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

Second Place: 2× Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

How to Enter:

Reddit: Post a submission that has “smissmasday3” in the title.

Google+: Make sure to post in the Self-Made category. Include the hashtag #smissmasday3 in your post for your entry to be counted.

(Only one submission per person. Submissions must be original. A submission that breaks the community rules won't be counted.)

Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Today's Server Event:

Prop Hunt on the community server!

Join the server by clicking on the following link, or by typing in the IP: