Honorable Mentions

They almost did it

Look, an awesome picture! Now look over there, there's another! And another one over there... LOOK OUT! You almost stepped on that one. You know how long that took? Yeah, me neither, but point is, they're all incredible, made by incredibly talented people, and that deserves some recognition! ~ Rokaq

Comments from judges:

Wow me a father


A sense of pride and satisfaction.

Demoman by FPorciel Art

This submission was amazing. The detail, the colors, the sandvich, everything is perfect. Unfortunately, this work was already in development before the start of the event, so it had to be disqualified. Better luck next time!

Like Father, Like Son by Magic Rat

This is another one of those rare ones. Overall, everything is great. Perhaps the shading would be better if it was consistent, but it's good, so I can't complain.

Class No.3: Spy by Winterstar "SPAM QUEEN"

Although this is originally from a YouTube video, it's good nonetheless. The proportions are good, the shading and details are good, and it's an overall good piece.

by Veloxcene TF

The lighting, posing, and the poster itself looks pretty damn great. Did I mention the cigarette? I wonder how you pulled that off.